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For nearly 70 years, the Farrington/Miller family has handled its development and property management business from an unassuming brick building with a prime address — 1661 Tanglewood. Next spring, those offices will be demolished to make way for construction on what will be the city’s newest luxury condo high-rise, a $300 million building aptly named 1661 Tanglewood.

Kendall Miller, the youngest of the four children of Mary Catherine Miller, a fifth-generation Texan whose father, William Farrington, developed Tanglewood in the late 1940s and early 1950s, said that he and his siblings, Bill, Michelle and Jim Miller, are working together on a project that will launch a new chapter — businesswise, anyway — for the family.

“We started working on it seriously in the summer of 2020 — it was time to refocus the company and make a big transition,” Kendall Miller said of their decision after disposing of some family properties following their mother’s death in 2018. “This is much more in the spirit of the founding of the family business, developing, creating and selling rather than just managing assets. We’re so proud of this. We feel like it might be a crowning achievement, something to send along with the next generation.”

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Though few homes or businesses actually have a Tanglewood Boulevard address, that street has long been the most desirable to live directly off of, Miller said.

“We’re leading with the address because we’re proud of it and because we believe it’s one of the great boulevards in the city, a wonderful promenade. It bridges the suburban feel of Tanglewood and the urban feel of Post Oak,” Miller continued.

While William Farrington launched Tanglewood before Miller was born, he and his siblings have strong memories of growing up in the neighborhood. In fact, after Farrington died, Mary Catherine Miller moved into his house with her family. After she died, Kendall Miller — who has worked for the family business, Tanglewood Corp., for 30 years — moved in.

“There were tall pine trees and football games in the yard. I would ride my bike to the office to steal a Dr Pepper on the way to a friend’s house. Sometimes I’d get sent to buy Frito’s for dad — that was a fun errand to get sent on. I was always dropping by,” Kendall Miller said.

Condo listings for 1661 Tanglewood will go online Tuesday with Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty. The building’s new sales center at 1180 Uptown Park opens Oct. 3 by appointment only, and its exterior façade mimics the future building’s aesthetic.

The 1661 Tanglewood project will be an elegant, 33-story condo tower with 59 residences on the 1.3-acre parcel at the corner of Tanglewood and San Felipe. Its residences will range …….


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