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In this article, Arbicon explains how they rescued a Palace Refurbishment Project in North London, after the main contractor went into liquidation with £2.2m of work still to complete

The Palace Refurbishment Project was left in a complete mess, and was left with the huge complexity of dealing with the outgoing failed contractor, negligent contract administrators who overvalued and procured matters badly, and a client struggling to know how to procure a new contractor for such a complex task, ensuring the right contract was drawn with effective cost control.

The project presented every problem possible. The challenge offered the highest level of difficulty possible for a consultant to rescue a project, which Arbicon overcame very successfully.

An enabling works package was required at the outset to clear the site

Arbicon carried out a detailed survey of completeness and condition and drew up a schedule of works, whilst reviewing and clarifying the client’s requirements and design details with a new Architect and collating them into a tender package for the new contractors.

An enabling works package was required at the outset to clear the site, tidy the mess and investigate the existing services installations and partially completed specialist works as precursor to the new main contract and to ensure that the works done could be used and guaranteed.

Arbicon then obtained prices for the main contract and negotiated all of the huge risk in the project out arriving at the best contract and price of an all risks £2.2m contract sum with a very high-quality solvent contractor one of many known to Arbicon for rescue projects. Clarity of the scope is essential at the outset and more so on such a complex task, where part finished works are taken on and properly completed.

The project was delivered without dispute and at no extra cost

The project was then delivered without dispute and with no extra cost over the original intention.

The only extra costs incurred were subsequent client decisions to add special finishes, such as marble works, fountains, Muriel ceilings, and extensive gold leaf detailing throughout the building. The finished product was to the highest level and handed over to a very pleased Client.

Arbicon are the experts in construction, construction contracts and disputes so are experts in procuring contracts for rescue projects or any contracts with total cost control, truly the “Red Adair” of the Construction Industry.

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